Patagonia Elementary School Class Visits Lochiel

On Monday, May 9, 2011, Kate Musick’s first and second grade class from Patagonia Elementary School participated in a field trip and work day at the Lochiel Schoolhouse. The students raked and gathered cottonwood tree debris from the recently trimmed tree in front of the schoolhouse.  Fourteen trash containers were filled and transported by The Patagonia Museum volunteers to an erosion control site near the De La Ossa family chapel nearby.

Mrs. Musick’s class has produced an art image of the schoolhouse that will be utilized in a sign to be installed in front of the schoolhouse.

This activity is the result of a collaboration between The Patagonia Museum, the Patagonia Creative Art Center and the Patagonia Elementary School. Funding was provided by the Patagonia Regional Community Foundation.