Let There Be Light…

Both literally and figuratively.

The literal reference is tied to the completion of the first phase of one of the big interior projects. We have new lights! The fluorescent lighting in the hallway has been replaced by the 2021 version of the lights that hung in the building back in 1914. Pretty slick, wouldn’t you agree?

The figurative reference is tied to the fact that the lights are on because our doors are open. We are once again welcoming visitors from 2 – 4 Thursdays – Saturdays. And yes, the board and the volunteers are very happy about that fact.

While the doors were closed, the curating team was hard at work creating new exhibits for the public to enjoy. Thanks to the generosity of the Brent Bowden estate, the Museum is the proud owner of the candy counter from the store that stood at the corner of 3rd and McKeown in the ’20s. Granted we haven’t stocked it with Baby Ruth bars, Chuckles or candy cigarettes, but we think it looks perfect displaying an assortment of non-edible items that were likely for sale back in the day.

There are still a number of items on the “to do” list including raising funds for those cool lights in the four exhibit rooms plus the construction of the eagerly anticipated ADA ramp but in the meantime, please stop by when you’re in the area to see what we’ve been up to.