Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

A huge round of thanks goes to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona for the grant provided to the Patagonia Museum by the South32 Hermosa Community Fund.

Trust us, we have lots of projects lined up that will be completed with this generous donation. It will primarily fund the creation and installation of a mural for the Lochiel Schoolhouse Welcome Center by Patagonia Schools students under the direction of the Patagonia Creative Arts Association. We’re also planning the creation and installation of a roadside sign at the Lochiel Schoolhouse so travelers can get an idea of the remarkable history of this little red building.

This photo shows you where we stand now in terms of the restoration project on the 100+-year-old building that is located southeast of Patagonia in the San Rafael Valley. Looking pretty good, isn’t it? We can’t wait to show you the “after”  that will come from the next round of changes.

In addition, Old Main will benefit from the grant as we’ll be able to fund the completion of the ADA ramp on the entrance to the building, pay for the restoration of the high school art class territorial school signs on the museum grounds that has faded in the Arizona sun and invest in new lawn care equipment to be utilized both at the museum and Lochiel. If you’ve been visited us recently, you know mowing the grounds by hand is a huge undertaking so our volunteer groundkeepers will appreciate the upgrade to a riding mower.

Once again, the board and members of the Patagonia Museum send a hearty round of thanks to the CFSA and the South32 Hermosa Fund for their generous donation that will allow us to continue the work of preserving the memories of eastern Santa Cruz County.