The 1870 Census in eastern Santa Cruz County

The 1870 US Census includes the military personnel at Camp Crittenden as well as the settlers around the Sonoita Creek Valley. Camp Crittenden was established in 1867 on the mesa overlooking the former Fort Buchanan site. Camp Crittenden was disbanded in 1873 but not before spawning another civilian community: the town of Crittenden. Fifty-three percent of the soldiers and settlers were foreign-born. This census reflects the population in what is now eastern Santa Cruz County.


Thanks to the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson for maintaining copies of the “Census-Territories of New Mexico and Arizona” (US Govt Print Office 1965, 312.979 U58). You can click on the links below to view the individual census records.  In general, the civilian residents are listed in alphabetical order as opposed to by location or household which is the order of the typical census document.

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1870 Census in eastern Santa Cruz County