The Patagonia Museum Oral Histories Project

In 2009, a grant was secured with the assistance of the Patagonia Public  Library from the Arizona State Library Office of Records and Archives to collect oral histories in eastern Santa Cruz County. Ralph Schmitt and German Quiroga proceeded to collect oral histories from long time area dwellers over the next three years.

The Patagonia Museum is grateful for the support from the Patagonia Public Library, Arizona State Library (Public Records and Archives Division) and the Patagonia Regional Community Foundation, in affiliation with the Arizona Community Foundation, for providing resources to complete this project. Thanks go to Abbie Zeltzer, Patagonia public librarian, Laura Palma-Blandford and Carlos Lopez of the Arizona State Library Office of Public Records and Archives for providing support and technical assistance and Kate Ervin of Typewell who provided the transcription service.

Very special thanks go to the twelve interviewees who provided us with their recollections of the early days in eastern Santa Cruz County.