Oral Histories

Final TPM Oral Histories 12 (2)                        From 2009 and 2012, The Patagonia Museum collected oral histories from members of the community. Twelve of them  are transcribed here: Cynthia Morriss, Donnie Martin, Elena Quiroga, George Proctor, Jeanette Swyers, Lucy Mihalik, Lydia Dojaquez, Michael Cervantes, Ramon S. Quiroga, Carmen Soto, Paul Mihalik and Jesus Lopez. To see the oral histories of Doug Thaemert and Guillermo Matus with Mike Yourgules go to the online Arizona Memory Project.


The Patagonia Museum met on Saturday, January 17, 2015, at 10:30 am in the Patagonia Public Library for its annual meeting.

Volunteer officers for the year 2015 were selected as follows: German Quiroga, President, Bob Ollerton, Vice-President, Ralph Schmitt, Treasurer, Bea Quiroga, Secretary, Bob Bergier, Member-at-Large and Tom Bartholomeaux, Member-at-Large.

History and anthropology instructor Rebecca Orozco provided an engaging and informative presentation on the Chiricahua Apache.


Santa Cruz Patagonian Newspaper

The Santa Cruz Patagonian Newspaper was first published in Patagonia on December 1912. The Patagonia Museum, the Patagonia Library and the Friends of the Patagonia Library have partnered to reformat copies of this local newspaper on electronic media. The total collection purchased from the Arizona Library State Archives includes 693 editions of this newspaper from 1915 to 1929.    View all these editions on:

The Patagonia Museum in the Creative Spirit Artists Gallery


The Patagonia Museum became a member of the Creative Spirit Artists Gallery in January 1, 2013.

The Patagonia Museum's space at the Gallery

Our exhibit space is located in the rear area of the gallery, 317 Mc Keown Avenue, Patagonia.

Currently, some historic photos from the Patagonia Centennial Celebration are being displayed as well as the Journey Stories local exhibit that was part of the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street, Traveling Exhibit.

Photos from the jail cave in Patagonia and the Civilian Conservation  Corps projects are also displayed.

A limited number of The Patagonia Museum and Lochiel Schoolhouse t-shirts are available for purchase.

Two books detailing the history of the Patagonia area are also available for purchase:

Tom and Joan Woods’ “The Other Side of the Mountain”  details the history of Tom and Gertrude Gardner in the  1800′s.

John Cady’s “Arizona’s Yesterday” details his own life in and around Patagonia from the 1860′s to the 1900′s.

The gallery is open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm.



The Patagonia Museum conducts litter cleanups on Highway 82, between Mileposts 18 and 19, on a quarterly basis.

We meet at the ramadas on Beaty and Highway 82.

Please bring water, gloves and appropriate clothing.

Our next cleanup will be in June 2015. Exact date and time to be determined.

For more information contact German Quiroga: 520-343-5641.

Join us for an enjoyable work day!

Lochiel, Arizona – One Room School House

Built before 1905 of adobe and used extensively as a schoolhouse through the 1970′s, the property, owned by the Patagonia School District, became a site for vandals and litterbugs as recently as 2009. In 2010 The Patagonia Museum leased the schoolhouse property from the Patagonia School District for the purpose of preserving this historic site for future generations to be utilized as a historic and educational facility for our students and community. The work continues today with the help of dozens of volunteers and financial and in-kind support from individuals and groups including: the Patagonia Regional Community Foundation, Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, Tucson Glass and Mirror and the San Rafael Valley Association. Volunteer and architect Brian McCarthy has provided The Patagonia Museum with an architectural drawing of the schoolhouse. Architectural Drawing of Schoolhouse

The Patagonia Museum usually hosts a workday on the last Saturday of the month except for the months of November and December when a Saturday in early December is dedicated to the workday. Everyone with an interest in this endeavor is welcome. To read a recent article about our work go to: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/volunteers-renovate-one-room-lochiel-schoolhouse/article_cafe9ec5-02e4-5cfe-8109-20704f58092b.html

A Project of The Patagonia Museum

Help preserve our local history. Join us for an enjoyable work day!

Date:  Saturday, April 25, 2015
:  9 am to 2 pm

For further information contact German Quiroga (520-343-5641) or Ralph Schmitt (520-394-2732). Please bring water, lunch, tools (if available) and gloves.

Students chip in to renovate historic schoolhouse

Students from Patagonia Elementary School learned about local history and helped clean up a historic schoolhouse site during a recent field trip to Lochiel.

The visit by Kate Musick’s first- and second-grade students to the Lochiel School was the culminating event of a partnership between Patagonia Elementary School, The Patagonia Museum, and The Patagonia Creative Arts Center, Musick said. Read more….